From garden design, paving and decking to tree care and planting, Garden Logistics have a long list of services to suit all your gardening needs.


There is nothing that finishes the front of a house better, than a beautifully paved driveway. Having created many patios and driveways we are happy to advise on what style and stone to use that will compliment your home. All our paving is laid with the correct foundation and industry standard specification. It has to be right to stand the test of time.   


Everybody is looking for decking these days. However with our experience we can advise you on what might be best for you. As well advising you on the best type of decking materials for the job be it softwood, hardwood or composite we can advise you on treatment finishes, balustrades and pergolas too


A good strong fence is a great finish, as well as, a stable security feature, for any garden. We have many years of experience, installing and supplying standard and bespoke fencing and gates. We use a variety of types and styles for both and can recommend the best type for your requirement. Small, large or bespoke we cater for all. 


Hoover or lawn mower you decide. We can fit both. Creating the perfect lawn requires careful planning. We have experience in laying traditional turf and can advise on the best and longer lasting turf for you. As well as being able to recommend the best artificial grass for your home depending on the maintenance and time you have to care for it. 


Where would we be without the green of our trees? Sometimes they get sick, sometimes they over grow and sometimes they just need a little care and attention. We operate all types of tree care whether it’s surgery to help diseased or injured trees, crown lifting , filling or reduction right through to felling and stump removal. Everything you might need large or small. 


Plant it, sit back and watch it bloom and grow. This the premise of all our nursery staff. With a wealth of advice and close community of suppliers we are able to supply a wide range of quality plants trees and sizes. From supplying a single tree or shrub through to a whole planting section our team can advise, plant and deliver to your needs. 


A garden should make you feel calm, relaxed and at peace with nature. Water features and the buzz of natural ponds can really add to that ambience. We undertake all types and styles of water features whether it is combing natural ponds with waterfalls or building raised pools or rills right through to more sculptural water walls and features. 


What a difference a jet wash makes. Patios, decking, driveways all polish up as good as new. Our experience team can cater for different garden sizes and stones. Just let us know your requirements and we can arrange a time that’s right for you. 


Adding lights to a driveway or garden, is a great finishing touch to any garden. But it can also mean that you can extend your house into the garden all hours of the day or night. We can design all different lighting styles and can install 240v and 12v systems with either internal switches or remote controls. We can even link to PIR security features and timers if this is something that you need. 
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